Toronto Design in check!

Hey All,

Given the rise of the local design happenings, I figured it was time to give TO a call to action…

…esp. since the (somewhat) local ID associations aren’t that strong here in Canada (really, how many people are an ACIDO member?), i believe it is due time to put a call out to other TO based designers.

For sure there are a lot out there… (TO being the largest city in Canada and the Design and Financial hub)… so… anyone up for a meeting over pints or even scheduling a regular gig/event?

If so, drop a line here, PM me or send an email to info (at) directivecollective (dot) com. I’d be happy to take care of the organization of something, preferably in the downtown area.



This passed me by…

Just you and me then ?

Whoop… March 3rd is the next one

In case maybe, just maybe, someone in TO is reading

i didn’t see any dates for the next one. where did you get the info?

here’s another thing I stumbled upon recently along the same lines that looks interesting-


Right hand side under ‘Twitter’
I still can’t figure out how/if you need to buy tickets in advance.

Ah, i see. it. keep following links and you go around in a circle. it’s terrible. there are some links under twitter that go to Ignite Talks but then when you find toronto (which takes some searching), you go back to the original link. …terrible design. ha!