toronto caoaching classes?

anyone knows anyplace in Toronto where i can i can find some part time short cources in 3 D softwares like 3Dmax, rhino, etc?

any coaching places…if not then how good is it to learn from the bible guide books?

Schindler does Rhino courses. I would find out who sells 3DMax in the area and see if they do courses…

thanks A-line.

i just want to get started with 3D studio. i was thinking of buying the 3d studio bible…i dont know how good it is.

i am also fine to take classes from someone who is good at this software.

I’ve been trying to learn Alias outside of work, with the PLE… there are alot of very good tutorials for all the 3d softwares out on the web. My plan is to learn everything I can from the freely available sources, then pony up to a $1,500 class.

Anyway, I’ve seen alot of 3D studio sites around…

hey travisimo
thanks …i will try and search it too. could you post a link in case you come across any while working…