I think I have been pretty active on the sketching forum here on Core77. But I’ve begun to realize all I have been doing is sketching random things, sketches with no real purpose. I’ve found myself drawing the same things over and over again. So starting today, I decided to start drawing with clear objectives. As always, I am open to all feedback, tips and even your own objectives for me to accomplish. I will be drawing anything and everything, not just cars and people as I have mostly done to this point.

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From a conversation with a friend earlier today:
Him: “If you are drawing for fun, then it should be a fun character.”
Me: But what kind of character is fun?
Him: A character with many personalities?

Objective #1 / Nov. 12, 2012
Design a fun character.

Wow dude this is perfect! Spaceships is a good one because one can never draw too many spaceships. I’m not sure I’ve seen a spaceship drawing from you yet but for sure you can do it.

Thanks Crit71, that’s a great suggestion! I’ll tackle that as my next objective after I do a few more fun characters.

Objective #1 / Nov.13, 2012
Design a fun character.

Great idea on sketching new things (I should follow this!). Look forward to seeing what you show … and I second the spaceship idea :wink:

Thanks for checking this out. Sorry Robbie and Crit! I got inspired to do some hybrid characters today. I promise to do spacecrafts for Objective #3! I’m excited to see what type of hybrids I can come up with. The most obvious is humans and animals but I am gonna try to cleverly combine the two and also do some odd combinations!

Objective #2 / Nov.14, 2012
Design a hybrid character.

I like them! Seen a cardinal before but I think yours has more human parentage :wink: