Any comments guys?

Cheers Chris

Very nice. Good graphic style and good range of areas.

awesome photos man, really loving the NYC one, hong kong central and electric city!

You’ve got some good sketches going there.

Lose the “CHECK OUT MY PORTFOLIO” and http://WWW.COROFLOT.COM link. The link doesn’t take viewers directly to your portfolio.

Thanks for the feedback guys.

eco.iD: cheers for the tip about the link.


No worries, its better to direct the viewer to you and not the competition.

Hi guys any more comments or crits? would be great to hear from you.

Visually pleasing and pretty clean. My one question, that really goes out to others for both of our benefits as recent graduates, is using the “Black and Blum” page as the example. Is this too much copy for a portfolio page?

Looks good!


Hi Josh.

Thanks for the crit. I’m just wondering what you mean about “too much copy?”.

The work for this project was done in close collaboration with Black+Blum and using their brand ethos to create a simple fun designs. Hopefully the work shows some photograph and graphic skills as this project wasn’t completely ID taxing.

Cheers again. CHris

I always assume nothing will be read, because I don’t read anything. I click through very quickly once looking for things that grab my attention, then I will look at those things in more detail.

The presentation is very nice an clean, but you are lacking that visual pop that grabs attention and makes a memorable mark.

When I say “copy” I just mean text describing things related to the project. In this case, it’s embedded in the page itself. I think what yo said above reinforces the notion that the text within the image is often just skipped so, in essence, it’s taking up space for more image/visual impact.



Good luck Chris!


UPDATED PORTFOLIO! please take a loot I’d love to hear what you think!


Love the MediDome–congratulations on your RSA award! I first saw this on the Medgadget website.

You have great communication skills–I particularly like your storyboarding.

All in all, your folio is strong enough to land you a great job now… So I can’t wait to see what your final year at Northumbria will yield.

Do you have an industry preference?

Hi cg
I am very interested in multi discipline design, edging towards experience, service and product.

Hopefully you can see this in my porfolio.

Please keep posted for my work, this time next year should show a good evolution of skills and work.

Thank you again, if there are anymore comments good or bad please don’t hesitate to add!


Please can you check out my portfolio site and give me some crit. Its my first attempt at a website as I’ve only used coroflot before. There’s more work to come for my online portfolio so any crit welcome on the work or the layout.

All the best and thanks for checking it out.


The navigation feels cumbersome to me, I have to go through 3 different pages before I can actually see any of your work. (intro page, main menu, portfolio menu). You want it to be as easy as possible for people to view your work.

I’d like to know how you went about the Unilever project. Considering the market was India, how did you go about doing the research from the UK? What all aspects did you look into?

Also, there’s a fundamental ethical “mistake” in that…that goes into the whole “design is never right or wrong” debate. If you’re providing a map of India on a product that’s gonna be used IN India, you just HAVE to give the “politically” correct map of India, and NOT the one that’s been publicized by the West with PoK being chopped off. This thing alone could land the product in a major fix in India.

Other than that, while I like the idea of using Diwali lights on the pack (especially with Diwali being 2 days from now & me missing home during Diwali), I think you’ve missed the essence of Diwali - the lights just seem so faint…whereas Diwali is all about the bright lights & the “lit up” atmosphere.

Plus there’s heaps more on “how Indians use Rin”…which I’d like to know how you went about.

Just a crit cuz I’m from India & this is something I could relate to much more than the others.

Cheers :slight_smile: