I commend you on such a GREAT IDEA!

If the first step towards your goal of a communist socialist co-op farm studio is to annoy everyone with multiple same-post spamming copy and pasted all over the internet, you’ve succeeded!

Keep us posted on your progress! (please make sure you copy and paste the same post in every section)

count me in!!!

isn’t there already one of these IN philadelphia? with a mix of young designers, artists, photographers and an art gallery? somewhere in the chinatown neighborhood, i believe? there is a shared network and everyone pays a desk fee or slightly more if your are going to be like one of the photographers and the cost of the chemicals is higher.


Design work is always confidential so I don’t think the “sharing” idea is going to work.

Also, who’s going to pay how much of the fees? Some people use certain facility more, some damage more. There’s going to be dispute over who’s going to pay more or less. It’s already happening in school, so it’s also a possibility in your case.

Although this idea is great, but it’s just too idealistic. I do wish to see such utopia come true though.


communist fool


Sounds like a great idea - an ID co-op. Similar ideas are very successful in the graphic design/advertising world and certainly fine-arts groups (like Philly’s Studio Z or Space 126 or my Vertigo Gallery back in the day). Why could it not work for an ID space? Share printers, desk space, wireless, prototype resources (electricity and machine time are common; you bring your own resin or renboard). One monthly co-op fee, and the convenience of having an extra designer in house for your project if you need it.

My friends in Germany have a nice print design space that works well. Everybody has to get along though… they figured that out the hard way and one designer was asked to leave.

Email sent.