topic change -- UC!

Hi Everyone,

So here’s my situation:

I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA. However, I’m currently finishing my first year as an Architecture student in NYC. It’s a really terrible school, so I applied to Pratt. I got in (15k scholarship/grant - 30k left for me to pay.)

Here’s the problem – I believe I want to pursue ID. I discussed a major change with a Pratt admissions official via email and their response was pretty much: “We’re full, you can’t start until Fall 2011.”

So what can I do now:

  1. Do a year of Arch at Pratt.
    Maybe I’ll fall in love with Arch again.
    Maybe I’ll hate it, waste a year of my time/money. Apply to ID for Fall 2011, hopefully get in, and start over from Foundation. This means I’ll ultimately have wasted 2 years of time and tuition.

  2. Apply elsewhere immediately. Looking at U of Cincinnati, CCS, possibly CMU because it’s close to home.
    So question with this option – are any schools still accepting applications?
    If I do a Foundation year elsewhere, what are the chances I can transfer into Pratt from there?

What would you do?

Also, I’m considering doing some work over the summer. Maybe a session at Pratt or Parsons. Does anyone have experience in their summer programs?

If it is not too late and you know you want to do ID, I’d definitely look into applying to and visiting other schools. A summer program is also a great way to get familiar with what you would be studying.

Following these last posts, I applied to UC. I just heard my admissions decision. I did not get into DAAP because the program is closed. However, I did get into the “Exploratory Studies” program. Does anyone have experience with this program?

If so…
How long is the Exploratory Studies program?
When do I start taking ID courses?
What courses do I take instead?
Do I reapply to get into the ID program? between quarter/years?

I honestly thought I was well qualified to get into the program. If you can shed any light on the situation, I’d appreciate it!


I’m sure you were qualified to get in- DAAP fills up pretty fast, and generally doesn’t accept students after the application deadline, as it sounds like you applied a little later.

but anyways:

Ok, so the exploratory studies is pretty much where UC puts all the “undecided” majors- all the students in there don’t know what they want to do. From there, you would have to apply to get into ID at DAAP (Which is pretty competitive within UC… a lot of people want to do ID). The courses you will be taking instead are general ed courses- if you go this route, make sure to take art history 111, 112, and 113 throughout the first year. I also recommend looking at the ID curriculum and taking as many general ed’s off of that as you can- it would be pretty awesome to finish all those up before starting DAAP… you could minor in marketing or something without going over the credit hour limit while taking studios.

In other words, you would not start ID until the year after, if you get accepted (Which, if you get a 3.8 or higher in your gen ed classes (not too hard to do at UC, especially without foundation studios) you should get in.). You will not find out if you got in until the very end of spring quarter (I know someone who was accepted to ID product last week, during our finals week… slightly later than other people, but you get the idea).

something to note: in 2012 we switch to semesters, meaning that you will be in the last class to go through foundations year on the quarter system, and the rest of your studios will be in semesters. Just something to keep in mind.

hope this helped… if you have any more questions feel free to ask!

do you think it’s possible for me to get into another department within the design school to take my foundation courses? and from there, i’d then apply to ID? i’m already coming into the school with some credits, so i’m going to finish all my gen eds after a year.

this is so frustrating! i got caught in the same problem with pratt - applied too late, programs full.

do you think it would be easier for me to apply for ID from within UC or as an outside transfer?

also, how do/will co-ops work in relation to courses? for example, if i were in my second year, at what point would i start my co-op? can it be before i start taking any of my sophomore studios? or do i have to complete something before co-ops?

in the semester sessions, can you co-op over summer?

what i’m trying to figure out is if it’s possible to get all my studio and co-op credits in 3 or 4 years if i have all the gen eds done after first year.

For your first question, you might actually have a chance- if you try to get into digital design. Digital has a really high accept rate, and they take the same foundations year. From digital, you can submit a transfer. Talk to the design administrators to set this all up, and make REALLY good friends with the professors. Everyone i know who got into ID from inner daap majors (e.g. id transportation or digital design) were all really hard-working students who got to really know their professors. Remember you have to have a pretty high GPA to get into id-product. You also might have a chance at getting into ID trans- There is a lot less interest in the trans track than product, so check that out.

For your second question, I honestly don’t know. I know a lot of kids who got into id product from other daap majors, but they were all some of the best foundations kids, so you would have to be ready to work hard and excel.

Official co-ops start during your second year, when you are put into two tracks, summer/winter or spring/fall. If you are on summer winter, you are in school in the spring and in the fall, and working summer winter. Spring/fall is the opposite: you are in school in the summer and winter, and working in the spring and the fall. Whichever co-op section you pick determines when you start to co-op. For example, I am on spring/fall, so my first co-op will be the third quarter of next year. Summer/winter kids start co-op int he summer after next year. From there, you simply alternate quarters on and off co-op. However, the semester witch will change all this, and I don’t quite know the specifics, except that instead of six 10 week co-ops, you have 4 15 week ones. DAAP is being really quiet about all this, so very few people actually know exactly what will be happening. However, if you can find your own job, go for it. It just won’t count towards DAAP credits or anything, and will simply be for your benefit. You won’t get any help from UC until your second year- mostly because you don’t really do any ID related stuff until then.

Like I said, I really don’t know how co-op will work for semesters, except that we will simply be alternating semesters instead of quarters. So you might or might not have one in the summer. DAAP is year-round, so the timing of the co-ops doesn’t really matter, as you will be in school if you’re not working. In fact, it’s easier to not co-op in the summer, as getting jobs in the summer is much harder than in any of the other quarters (you have to compete with other schools for spots).

You will not be done in 3 or 4 years. It simply isn’t possible- you have to do everything in the order daap asks you to- the gen eds simply take up time along the way. The ID studios are literally: foundations studies, second year studio, third year studio, fourth year studio, senior capstone. There are other studios (namely design communications) that you take along with each ID studio each year (hopefully that makes sense).

I hope this response helped.