Top Toys For Christmas 2011

What are some of the top toys for Christmas 2011?

Seriously, it may be a little early for this. Keep and eye on toy industry publication later in the year and you’ll notice some “top 10” list pop up.

Good UK sources might be House of Fraser, Toy News and Toys and Playthings

The Nerf Stampede of course!

Nintendo Powerglove and the Mart McFly Hoverboard.

Here is top ten list:

I’m probably going to offer a Plasma Car to my kid:


Here’s the UK list, compile by the Toy Retailers Association.

And my contribution!

Parrot AR Drone…

Parrot AR Drone… hmmm.

Reminiscent of this old thread .

looks fun


I want these air swimmers. Also Tablets, and Goyard bags will be popular this year.

I want these air swimmers.

I raise your “want these”… I really, really,really,really, want these. I couldn’t quit grinning, especially when it swam out of the elevator.

Bestest, funnest-est, thinking-out-of-the-pool creative, new toy ever.