Top schools for Masters in ID?

Can anyone recommend some top schools for Masters in ID? After working as an industrial designer for almost 7 years, I’m considering going back to get a Masters degree.

I’m interested in learning about design methodology, user behavior and design planning. I think it would make me better-rounded as a designer. Plus, I’d like to teach design someday.

Does anyone know people who went this path and are doing well? I’m wondering if this would be a good career move. Since this is a major investment in time and money, I’d better make sure I’m doing the right thing!

I’d really appreciate your advice!

Have you taken a look at Businessweek’s ranking of D Schools?

Thanks Timf, but this list doesn’t tell me which schools have strong programs for studying design methodology, user behavior and design planning.

i’d suggest putting off untill your ready to start teaching, check around the job listings for anything requesting a Masters and you’ll understand.

For now, study those subjects, brush up your portfolio, and get into a new job that demands more of what your looking for.

I would think IIT would be an obvious choice given your interests.

Your question as to whether this would be “a good career move” has many sides to it. If this information is stuff you really want to learn, and you’d really like to teach someday, then this degree may be a good start down that path. If you are asking whether teaching is going to provide a financial income in line with your investment in the degree, then it may not be a good move. Teaching is rarely a lucrative path by itself.

NO_SPEC - can you explain directly what you mean by the “check around…and you’ll understand” comment?

the debate on the value of a masters is on other threads and I don’t want to start it again, but outside of tenure - there is nowhere an advanced ID degree offers an advantage over similar on-the-job experience.
this fact is supported by job the descriptions from employers wherever you may look.

I beg to differ. most design director and Chief Design Officer positions now require a Masters. I have been watching these jobs as it is the next level I plan to go to.

Also if we want to compete with MBAs in the workforce we are going to have to move to this level.

I plan to work full-time and teach part-time after getting a Masters. Maybe I’ll start teaching full-time after 10 more years of work experience. I’m wondering if design planning or research is more lucrative than doing industrial design. Not that money is everything, but it does matter to be honest. Also, are these jobs easier or harder to find compared to ID jobs?

IIT looks like a very good choice for design methodology/planning/user behavior studies. Are there other schools that I should consider as well, in case I don’t get into IIT? What about any European schools?

Thanks!! :smiley: