Top Interior design consultants in NYC?

I’m currently an interior designer in London working for the 4th largest retail design consultancy in the u.k…Not long ago i was in New York working on a project and fell in love with the city- In a years time or so, I’m hoping to move to New York City and live the fast paced lifestyle for a short while!

My question is. Which are the biggest/best Interior design consultants in New York City?

Your help is appreciated :wink:

Does that mean that there will be an Interior Design job available soon? As i am actively looking for a great Interior Design position! hint hint :wink:

Anyways, im not shore which Design consultancies are hot in NY but im shore theres one or two. hehe! If i see something ill post it here.

The hot shops include Pompei AD…
and Peter Marino. I’m unsure what their web address is.