Top Industrial Design Schools

I am researching regarding best Industrial design school. There is no info on the web about the college’s ranking, If any ID major knows info. please let me know. ThX :smiley:

Best all-around schools from what I’ve seen from recent grads:

In no particular order:

Univeristy of Cincinnati - best bet
Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburg) - at least used to
Ohio State (Columbus)
CCS (Detroit)
Art Center (S.F.)
San Jose St.

…and make sure they haven’t changed professors recently.

Don’t enroll into a program that has over 20 students per studio.

I’m sure many posts will disagree will my school selection, but between researching professors, studio size you’ll come to the right solution. But I would avoid going to a design school in the deep south…stick to the areas where a lot of design is going on…west coast, norteast, chicago…you get the idea.

try art center in pasadena, ca…

website isnt that great but alot of the students near graduation are sponsered by big companies to work on projects.

tuition per year is ~$33,000 w/o financial aid