Top ID firms that play in the the medical field

I am looking to compile a list of the top ID firms nation wide that design and develop for the medical industry.

a few that i am aware of are



Studio Red

Any more that people are aware of?

Check out award sites such as reddot or iF, filter by category “Medical”. They list who was responsible for design. Compile a list, then google away.


Thanks for the suggestion, I will accumulate that data, but in my experience winning an award does not always equate to them being considered a top rate ID firm…

Check out

Our company is based in Rhode Island, and has offices in Minneapolis and Hong Kong. Exclusively healthcare-focused - both clinical devices and those within the home.

VOC, HF, Usability, ID, GUI, SE, ME, EE, MFE, Regulatory, NPI all under one roof and within our own QMS, with ISO certification and FDA registration.

Drop us a line if you’d like to know more;


because of the depth of knowledge required, I think many consultancies tend to specialize.
which industry within medical products are you interested in?

I would narrow it down by saying designs that require devices to be transported within the hospital

Most large ID firms do medical, if not all.

As to what percentage of their business is medical? That’s a bit tougher.

“Big” players,

Mayo Center for Innovation

Kaiser Innovation Consultancy



And this is a list from MDDI, Qmed Medical Device Supplier Directory

I don’t know anyone who’s worked at these places who can speak to quality of the culture/work environment, but in terms of design my top two would be Carbon in seattle and maybe RKS? Although I think the lead designer on the Carbon stuff isn’t there anymore…that’s the problem with consultancies, their talent is always changing so they rarely are consistent over more than a few years.


You bring up a good point. When I left one firm, all of the medical accounts followed me, the firm had little afterwards. I did not poach as the clients initiated the conversations.

Brook Stevens

Would DEKA count?

I’d say it would. A larger company certainly, but most of the work done is in the medical field and almost all of our clients our medical companies. Even some public products, like the water machine, which is sponsored by Coke could be considered a medical device.