"top flight ID from NYC"

So were talking less than Wal-Mart quality pacific cyles…

Or why would anyone buy an Audi, Porsche, or BMW when they could by a Kia, Hyundi, or Deawoo. Wow now that is what I want to hear from an ID professional

The ratio is the same, dont matter what the quality is (bikes are designed and spceed to fit into a specific market nitche), where do you think 98% of bikes are built?

"The big picture is pretty clear: most of the bikes sold in the U.S. are made in China or Taiwan by a handful of manufacturers of which Giant is the largest.

Generally speaking, low to mid level bikes are made in China and mid to high level bikes are made in Taiwan.

Bikes are produced in other countries, but Asian factories probably produce 95% of the units sold in the United States. Incidentally, the “big three” (Giant, Trek, and Specialized) account for almost 80% of all bikes sold in U.S. bike shops.

Another part of the big picture is that the sticker on your bike that says “Made in Country X” doesn’t necessarily mean what you think! It can actually mean one of three things:

One, it can mean that the frame was made in Country X and assembled into a complete bicycle in Country X. For example, Brand Y actually builds the frame in Country X and puts it on their assembly line to assemble it into a complete bicycle with Shimano components from Japan, wheels, handlebars, stem, and seat post from Taiwan, tires from Germany, and a seat and handlebar tape from China. The sticker on the bike says “Made in Country X” when only the frame and the final assembly were done in Country X (using components from other countries). That’s accepted and no one complains.

Two, it can mean that the frame was made in Taiwan (or wherever) and imported into Brand Y’s home country of X. The frame goes through the exact same assembly process and receives the same “Made in Country X” sticker. The only difference is that the frame was made in Taiwan, not Country X. This practice is a little more controversial, but it occurs frequently with European brands. In my opinion, it would clear up quite a bit of confusion is the stickers said “Assembled in Country X.”

Three, in the case of a frame only, it can mean the frame was made in Taiwan (or wherever) and imported into Brand Y’s home country of X for finishing and painting. This is very common with high-end brands - especially European-brand carbon frames. The frame gets a sticker that says “Made in Country X.” I don’t agree with this. Consumers are entitled to a transparent process with accurate information that is not misleading."

They got more money than brains is my guess.

$200,000 pays for 2-3 weeks at a top level design firm? I’ve never worked or really talked about pricing with a large consultancy. I think the firm I interned at charged $135/hour tops. Assuming four designers worked continually on this project at $135/hour gives me 9 weeks of work. Maybe it is just because I’ve always been on tiny teams where I basically worked alone on projects, but I can’t imagine designing very much in 2-3 weeks, let alone a complete steering and braking assembly.

Especially considering the bespoke elements that I missed, it’s kinda disappointing. Zippy: I did consider that it wouldn’t collapse…that is negative to the design. However, if I can get rid of a stroller and bike, I guess I’d have room for this. I don’t know if it is a really space saver, but maybe I’d prefer that.

I’m no bike guy, not at all, but I think one of the the issues this might not address is that you would look like a shmoe riding it. Assuming your kid needs that stroller for what 5 years, then what? You have a front wheeled tricycle? And what if you go for a ride without your kid?

The thing regular trailer set ups have is that you can still have a cool bike… and when you child grows out of the trailer, or you go for a ride with out little Johnny… you still have a cool bike… so maybe what is needed is a cool trailer that becomes a cool stroller… that exists already right?

I did one in 91, sroller, trailor and racing stroller…adjustable suspenstion to boot the alfa trailor on page 1 of this thread.