Top Dogg

I came across this article this morning in USA Today. This has ID written all over it. In my years as an designer I have never seen an product that is consumed. I can see this being a very challenging problem. How do you design an object that for years has never changed it’s form or shape. It’s alomost as challenogn as re-designing the Coke bottle.

I think for all those ID Design Theory teacher out there this would be a great semester project.

redesign a hot dog? Sounds interesting.
But is it really necessery for children’s health? When candy and junk food is easier to eat, how many children will get fatter and fatter…and…an obese generation. :laughing:

The term “tube steak” springs to mind; only a hollow one (extruded).

But it’s easier than that; all one has to do is teach children to separate the functions of breathing and swallowing.

It seems simple enough to most of us, but a friend of my wife has a difficult time doing it. She can’t seem to get it through her head that one swallows without breathing … I’ve done the Heimlich maneuver on her twice.

It is taught that before doing this, that you ask the “victim” to speak, so that you can determine if they are actually choking; if you are you can’t speak because your air way is blocked. The second time I had to perform this on her I gave her a sarcastic look and said, “Again?!” She just nodded up and down emphatically. :unamused:

It’s interesting to note that she also will not swim with her face submerged, e.g. side or breast stroke only… I suspect it has something to do with a gag reflex or some psychological association with a perceived asphyxiation.

what a crazy article (USAToday, go figure). The “design” project is actually super easy.

Solution A - after the dogs are processed, drill a hole through them lengthways. Done. Now you can’t choke on them. Added design benefit, you can fill the center with ketchup!

Solution B - similar, but instead of coring them out in the center, cut a channel in hem (sorta like how subway used to cut their bread). Again, the lengthwise v-notch allows air to travel if stuck, and again you can fill the notch with condiments.

Where do I collect my cheque?


I think the solution is easier than that: don’t anything you don’t prepare from raw ingredients. If you want a hot dog, grind the meat and stuff an intestin.

Or, don’t feed your kids hot dogs.

Exactly. I just watched Food, Inc. and I’m never eating again.

I blame the parents.

I think Darwin had a theory about this

Here’s the solution (nice explanation of the process):

Is it a problem? 61 deaths from choking compared to 1335 in car accidents:

Hasn’t this problem been ‘solved’ before:

Solution- don’t feed your kids crap food, feed them real food. Design methods to make them want to eat fresh unprocessed meat and veg.