Top Design Schools across the world

I would like to know about Reputed design schools

all over the world

Need information about all design schools

I know few…


RCA, London

look here. lots of info about schools. once you narrow it down a bit you can start asking about specific schools and get specific answers

I visited the attached link above, but the schools on the list are not all reputed schools. Some of them are really good. However, reat of them are really not good. In Sweden, Umea Design Institute is not a famous school. Konstpak is much more famous and also located in the capital city. That list is wrong!!!

your gonna have to put out a bit more work to get the answers you want
exactly what kind of program are you interested in?

… unless you just want someones ‘school rankings list’ - in which case you don’t need to ask here.

The best school in the world for any singular student is one that fits the student’s needs and vision and objectives for their future.