Top colleges- Communication & Graphics (US)

I’m in my final year of Communication Design Undergrad. level, in India.
I’m hoping to get a Graduate degree in the same in an ivy league college in the US. I can’t find a consistent or even inconsistent ranking of the top ten or twenty colleges for Communications.

I’v got Pratt. which I can be sure of. Can someone please give me a list coz I’ve got a list of over 200 colleges and no way to find out which ones are worth following up on.

Thanx a ton to anyone who helps me outta this maze!

Carnegie Mellon

Are those I’ve checked out… Pratt offers the courses as far as i can make out.

any special reason for US?
wont europe be okay?

Also tell a bit abt your interests and the field u would like to pursue. Is design for communication as in graphic design interest you or are u interested in interaction design?

If you’re looking for an Ivy League school, then Yale’s the place. It’s got an amazing design program. If you’re just looking for good schools, here are a few:

California Institute of the Arts
Cranbrook Academy of Art
Parsons School of Design
Pratt Institute
Rhode Island School of Design
California College of the Arts
Art Center College of Design
North Carolina State University
School of Visual Arts
Yale University

That’s ten. They’re all quite different, but prestigious.