I am currently applying to I.D. schools all over the U.S. Can anyone help me and give me an idea of what the top 5 or so U.S. schools are? THanks


My personal list, based on the quality of designers that I know from those programs and what I know of the programs themselves:

All around well respected good schools:

Art Center College of Design
University of Cincinatti
College for Creative Studies
Cleveland Insititute of Art
Academy of Art University

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This is being talked about here

Good luck

Citation: Author YO, October 2004.: “Top US Design Schools”

Dude Chill, it is not a thesis proposal.

i just thought it was funny… it made me laugh actually. Sorry if the sarcasim didn’t come across in the previous post.

What does anyone think about San Jose State ID program, I want to study ID there - I am just not sure if it’s any good

Sorry but I thought this topic was about the top “5 U.S. DESIGN SCHOOLS”, San Jose State is nowhere near.

Thank you for response but you don’t have to be a sarcastic @$$*0le about it - let me guess you either go or graduated from one of the five schools mentioned above.

I would say Cincinatti or Arizona State if you want to be a well-rounded designer. If all you want to do is draw like a badass, then by all means you need to be at Art Center. However you won’t be able to discuss the pro’s and con’s of using HDPE or LLDPE or know the manufacturing constraints with each coming out of an art school. Sounds stupid, but you loose much respect in the professional world if you don’t know those things. At the very least, pick a school with a competitive selection process to graduate, meaning they won’t graduate anyone who signs up and pays tuition. They only graduate the best.

true, it aint a proposal. and therefore, all the more a test of your courteousness, which you obviously lack.

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Dude Chill, it is not a thesis proposal.

“YO” did not seem to find in fact he just thought it was funny. Besides, that was 1 week ago. Keep up to date DUDE!!

If you got the money, I think the best and most innovative design programs are Pratt Institute on the East, and Art Center on the West.

The Art Institutes are great. I go to the one in Dallas, and have learned so much. Also, they have accelerated programs, which means they you can graduate and get into your career much faster. Just go to one, and look at their student work. You’ll be amazed.

wentworth institute of technology, Boston

Going to a reputable school is definitely a plus in the design world.
Everyone knows everyone and if you plan on going to a school not popular among big name design firms and companies I would be prepared to be come into contact with assholes with that opinion once you graduate.

Whats Up Yo!

By the way not everybody uses High and Low density polyethylene. (HDPE and LDPE) Im sure you learn these things in the materials and processes classes at art center and san jose state. Even then whatever field you are in you will be pretty familiar with the five different kinds of plastic everyone uses. Go to U of CIN and you will get a good handle on that at your first co-op.

I dont know,

You’ll find much info about this via the boards ‘search’ feature. In a nutshell, good program, very controversial head of the program.

Type “Migurski” in and you might think twice about SJSU. Then again, maybe not.

Migurski got so many negative reviews on that they no longer let you rate him unless you are registered. The comments were so harsh and nasty (yet true), it makes you wonder how he gets away with it.

Good Design schools in the US include Pratt, Parsons and SVA. U can also thy San Francisco State. They have links with my school(Brunel in the UK). Cali has some others. Oh there is also Savanah in Georgia.

SVA offers undergraduate programs in Advertising, Animation, Cartooning, Computer Art, Film & Video, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, and Photography.

No ID.

Also Parsons? one of the best in the country? They are OK, but if I where to list 5 schools they wouldn’t be on it, neither would San Fran State or Savanah. Sorry bro.

But of course any school is only what you make of it. You get out what you put in and all… In the end if you take control of your own education, and don’t wait for knowledge to be put before you on a silver platter, you’ll do OK pretty much where ever you are.