Top 10 industrial design firms

Does anybody know who are the top 10 industrial design firms in the world?where I can get a list/more info on these firms?

you’re gonna get some fairly subjective answers…not sure how one would even decide on a top 10

there was a list out last year listing the top grossing design firms, but none of the well known firms were even on it…

what is your criteria?

what about the b-week top ten?

Funny you ask that, some of the companies that were once considered among the top are not even around anymore. It’s a fickle business, full of ups and downs and arrogant self-marketers.

that would be a good place to start but even this top ten list is out of wack:

one of the top ten for the past few years is…a web company that doesnt do ID.

what a joke.

let’s see, oh, how about the top ten most beautiful cars, or best vacations, or i know, top ten best ceasar salads!