top 10 graphic design books


ID student with $30 Amazon gift card looking for graphic design book suggestions that you have found to be particularly helpful.


  • elements of typography

great book my teacher calls it the bible of type-it has everything that you will need

  • Great Graphics on a Budget

great book also

really I like most if not all the “Rockport” books

also the logolounge

i will get more for ya

there are tons-

what are you mostly interested in there is a nice layout book called “the grid”

I don’t know any specifics off the top of my head but Ive always been a big fan of books on communist propaganda artwork. Especially things from the USSR during the early years of the revolution. They did some amazing work using iconic imagery, text in perspective, etc.

Thanks Dygital!

I’m interested in all of it, but unfortunately don’t have much free time and even less money.

For the short term, I’d like to know more about layout systems, (the grid- using and breaking). Typograhpy is right up there, as is wayfinding.

Guest- thanks! I’ve seen some of the work you describe, very interesting.

grid systems by muller-brockman-

this is great book-also check out this site-

need anything else let me know- i am really into wayfinding also and navigation, I am in a information architecture -its about taking alot of information and designing it so that it can be easily read-and understood

many levels of thinking involved- love it

Stop Stealing Sheep & Find out How Type Works by Erik Spiekerman. Particularly good for the ID student since it touches the usability aspects of type. Much better than the “when in doubt, get the Helvetica out” our ID professor preached.

My professors also tell us not to use standardized typefaces-it makes your work basic and un original like using myraid and arial, or american typewritter.

they also said to not use helvetica-but i really like that typeface and i think if you mess with the different type weights then you can make it work and be different.

do alot of ID classes bring up layout (page layout) and typefaces- like also kerning and leading and justification and rags??

The Geometry Of Design: Studies in Proportion and Composition by Kimberly Elam is a great one. It is not totally graphic design - there are some furniture, architecture, and other proportion studies, but it offers some insight into how ‘perfect’ proprtion can be “calculated” with geometry.

Pick any 10 from Graphis.

awesome! I really appreciate everyone’s suggestions.

My professors don’t seem to put any emphasis on graphic design (or the how to of it anyway) unless it’s really awful. Won’t have time to take a gd class until next year, but think there is a lot of overlap that could be put to good use in the meantime.

I am just beginning to develop certain sensitivities, and I think that learning the terminology and tenets can only help me create better presentations.

will post again to let you know what I bought

I think some GD classes will help in presentation-like powerpoint-boards-handouts-also the classes will help in doing layout and composition and if you take some corp. classes then you will learn about corp. identities and how to develop a logo and do a corp. id package-business card-web-packaging-envelopes-letterhead-etc

good luck-need any help with it let me know-i major in communication design (graphic design)