tools for fashion designers

I’m 17 and would like to pursue an education in fashion and art. This is a bit early, but I’d like to invest in a laptop when I go off to college. Are there any “indispensible” tools- computers, software programs ect.- that fashion designers generally use?


I do not know much about fashion design, but you probably be using illustrator & photoshop. Those would be good investments or finds, you may like to start getting to know materials now.

I just can’t say it, I’d hate myself in the morning…

For fashion deisgn, there’s no particular software you need to know and have.

Asak yourself what field you wish to get into into when you graduate as a fashion design major. Some fashion designers, a few actually, enroll in courses learning CAD software for print design and 3d modeling of fabrics on illustrations. It was once a booming industry but the costs of the software and the SGi’s that ran them didn;t pay off in the long run.

The process of fashion designing is still done by hand. most of the mass marketers like the fashion companies that sell mainly to WallMart and Kmart usually skip hand drawings and illustrate their concepts and designs directly using mainly Adobe software such as illustrator and photoshop. Some companies make their flats on Illustrator or Corel Draw. A laptop is good enough…hate to say it but you’ll be one of the most advanced fashion design kids on campus. good luck.