Too old?


I have a legitimate interest in ID, but I am wandering if I am too old to pursue a career in this field as I am currently 33 years old (I will be 34 by the time I attend my first day as a freshman). Does age even matter in this field?

and you will be 38 when you graduate competing with 22 year olds for the same salary. Age isn’t a problem as long as you are willing to start your life over – if its your dream then do it.

I started ID when I was 27, returning from being out in the working world. After careful consideration I realised I wanted to do ID and so I will. I’ll be 30 before I enter into the job place again but I could care less, I LOVE WHAT I DO!! At any age, “if you like it; do it.”

I am not worried about competition form the young, what I am worried about is age discrimination. Basically, does the industry look down on those who are older?

Now since I’m a young guy I’ve only seen it from one perspective, but it seems to me that employers tend to view potential hires in a certain light, where age + education should be directly related to talent/experience.

Does it mean you’ll be unemployable, absolutley not. Everyone can find some niche in the design world that they fit into. But some employers may see you and say “well he’s got some nice work - but we can hire a 21 year old fresh out of school who has the same quality of work and we can pay them less”. They also may view a younger candidate as having more potential.

In the end will it make things more difficult? I believe so. But will it make it impossible? Certainly not, especially if you have some previous history working in a field that may be indirectly related to ID. If you want to do it and you love design, then go for it. You just may have to be prepared to get some disappointingly low salary offers and deal with some additional headaches.

from my experience so far it has been in favour of being older. there is a certin experience that comes with age, and people will notice this in your words, your knowledge base, and general maturity. and it comes out in the respect that a higher up has for you and your work. that said,you have to be aware of that and nurture it to your advantage. AND no offence to younger people!! :slight_smile:

My suggestion for you is simple - if you have a desire for it then go for it with your whole heart because that’s all that matters regardless of age. If I were you I will use the age as a motivation.

“20 years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” -Mark Twain

a few items in your favor at that age:

maturity, wisdom and focus.