Too much? Too Little? What do the people in the know think?!


I recently have put up my latest version of my website… mainly as a job generating machine as I have just graduated from university and am currently embarking on that long lonely road to finding work.

My problem is that when designing to promote myself I have a habit of losing track of my aim in the first place. So, if you guys have any comments please give me a shout… i.e. is there too much info? not enough? should I be putting up full projects or are the single images enough? or any other comments that you may choose to make!


Looks good. You’ve clearly given it some thought so it’s a nice website. Not too fond of the pink background, but that’s subjective really.

The inital image of the thumb guard is good, but the dark background in the photo makes it difficult to see the outline of the rest of the glove. But it’s a good looking prototype.

I do think maybe you should have a section for each project, rather than ‘University work’ and have 3 projects on top of eachother, because you are obviously limiting the amount of work you’re displaying to try and make sure you don’t drown the viewer in information. Also, you’re sacraficing image size as well - they’re too small really, especially Slant. Maybe have 3/4 images for projects (particularly Uni projects, where there’s obviously quite a lot of work done) that’ll show a little sketching, a little bit about the product (storyboard) and a good context photo (your XO photo is pretty good).

It might be an idea (this is what I do at least) to have a ‘skills’ section as well - one section for sketching, one for rendering and one for modelmaking etc. This is particularly useful when you’re not allowed to show projects due to confidentiality although you might have done some really awesome sketches etc. Also, they don’t even have to be full projects, maybe sketches/models/renders you’re doing out of curiosity, just sketching for fun etc.

Nice work


Nice work, and clean simple, easy to use site.

I would say far to little work is shown though. A prospective employer is going to want to see process: research, problem identification, ideation, concept generations and refinements, technical layouts…

There are a lot of ways to show these things without resorting to a massive click through on avery project. A few thumbnail sketches on one project, some renderings on another, some working prototypes there. You just want to show you can do it, and show what you’ve done and are capable of.

You’ve got some great projects, go into them a bit more.

Thanks for the good advice. I will definitely take a look at adding some more depth to some of the projects. Georgeous - I liked your advice about putting a skills section into the site, worth doing I think.

Always good to have some non-biased opinion

Thank you!

hey first of all i would like to thank you for sharing that link. i love it , its pretty creative and i can say that you done it in your own original way… keep it up

My only gripe is the use of dashes, creating a list of projects. As a viewer, they seem to lose emphasis. Why not repeat what you have done with the main navigation instead of just a list? In other words, the project navigation looks too much like body copy, bring it out a bit more and remain as playful as you have with the rest of the site.

I like pink :smiley:

the pink white and green just doesn’t work.

Think about making sure your have good contrast for the test…as bright green on white is hard to see.

Thanks for all of the good advice. I have to admit that I knew the pink was always a bit of a risk but I have chosen to keep it as it does appear to catch peoples’ attention, even if people are split over whether they like it or not.

I’ve now updated the site for anyone that is interested, although it probably could still do with a little bit of tweaking.


the green is very hard on the eyes, and such a huge contrast with the pink. personally i cant stand it.

Nice Xo project though.