Tony Hardman, working for JB?

I saw this upcoming Jordan team shoe, i was wondering if Tony is working now as a designer for Jordan Brand.
If so, that will be good news :slight_smile:

No. They contacted me to use some elements from that design though. It should change significantly from that image.


That’s cool :slight_smile:

wow, cool. can you give any more insight into the process? Did they just catch your design online and ring you up to “borrow” parts of it as some kind of agreement, or did you have previous contact at Nike? Sounds like an interesting story and I’ve never heard of Nike soliciting designs, so I’m sure we’d all be very interested to hear more if you can share.


No worries,

I basically started my career freelancing for JB in 2004. I have a good relationship with DE, so when he found a project that fit the design, I guess he wanted to use it? They had seen this years ago at an interview. Anyways, it’s still an open book so we’ll see how it transpires…