Tonearm Desklamp

Hi there, I wish to share a one off Led project created for a musician friend of mine.

<>Tone arm is from a 1970s Dual brand record player.
<>Copper pipe is a frequency filter from an early 1980s Italian made microwave linking device.
<>Platter is covered in automotive clear coat and spins by hand. Complete with a 45 record.
<>4 Position switch actuates as follows; 1) Blue leds. 2) Off. 3) White led. 4) White+Blue leds.
<>Powered by an external 12volt plug pack.
<>The Cree XPG-210R-E3 neutral white led with Lisa2-xx-Clip16-XP-G Optic is mounted
on a small heatsink and is driven by an electronic driver module set to output 660mA
which is the most the headshell will take before getting too hot.
<>Has a strip of blue 3528 leds inside which provides illumination thru the 12 repurposed
CD laser lenses mounted in the copper filters hole spaces.
<>The copper is intended to darken to a deep brown over time. This is to simulate the walnut
typically used on old turntables.