Tone/attitude in email correspondence

When I send emails to people regarding internships/jobs, I really really really want to put a little bit of myself into them. Whether it’s “I’m super ecstatic about this!” or something less formal. Is this not recommended? I don’t want to sound like a robot and I think my character/attitude shows up on my website well (one of my interviewers said that was the reason they interviewed me), should I not show this attitude via emails?

The main reason I’m saying this is that I had an interview with a pretty reputable/famous firm (don’t know if I should name it) and I haven’t heard anything back in two weeks even though they said they’d get back to me in one. I feel like I’ve been sort of tossed to the side. Poop. I’m pretty sure I didn’t get it since I didn’t have Alias/3d printing experience (3d printing is soooo expensive… what do they expect from a sophomore) and I interviewed after an all nighter so I forgot to say a bunch of stuff).

Am I going crazy?

Sounds like you weren’t meant for the job, or they’re taking their time. Don’t sweat it.

c’mon, 2 weeks is not a long time… If they are reputable, im sure they have loads of interviews.

listen to 90’s gangster rap when you work. That or Doom Metal, makes for successful writing.

send a physical letter to the each of the people who interviewed you, thanking them for their time and asking about the position…

Ditto. Don’t sweat it, 2 weeks is nothing. It was maybe wrong of them to commit to one week though, I know how one week can suddenly turn into three or four in no time. There are a number of reasons for the delay:

  1. They may have let a late (an interesting) applicant have the chance for an interview, delaying the process.
  2. They may have offered someone else the job but haven’t got it confirmed yet and cannot let the ‘number 2’ choice off the hook until they know for sure.
  3. They’re really keen on you but just need to double-check by interviewing star candidate #2 once again.
  4. They are really busy and haven’t got around to discussing the choice of interviewees yet.
  5. You sucked in the interview and they can’t keep a straight face for long enough to call you.
  6. An asteroid destroyed the office and several blocks around it.

Either way, if they said they’d tell you in one week then you’ve every right to call and ask for an update, don’t worry about seeming ‘too interested’…