Tomorrow's Workplace [Research, Ideas & Feedback]

Hi there,

I’m a bit of a newb here and was looking to get some feedback, insights and ideas on a project I’m doing in my final year.

The brief is called Tomorrow’s Workplace and the core of it is to “Choose a working environment and re-design it or an aspect of it that makes flexible working easier or reduces the energy consumption of working environments. Ideally, your solution will do both.” The full brief can be found here

My initial context/idea is to focus on hot desks and how to make them more personal and flexible to an employee.

I’m looking for any feedback you have on working on hotdesks.What problems do you find working on them and how could they be improved? Personally, I found it less productive as I didn’t feel comfortable not having everything how I liked it. I also found them quite sterile and uninviting. Discuss…

Any ideas would also be welcome though I’m generally looking for insights and problems you have from experience.

If anyone is unfamiliar with the term “hotdesk”, hit the link for an overview