Tokyo Design Week

Hello People!

The Tokyo Design Week is coming soon トラコス | お試しコスメを体験

Anybody going that way or already there would like to meet up?

It would be nice to organize something.



Gday Nicholas,
Im in Tokyo (originally from Australia), and have been living and working (although struggling to source employment) for the past month. But I’ll definitely be here for 100% Design Tokyo
Happy to have a few fellow industrial designers in the city to chat with over a drink. I hope you rock in Tokyo mate, I love the city (or at least parts of it)
When do you arrive? Shoot me through a message man!!

Hello Jack, l’m going to Kyoto first and will be in Tokyo the 31st.

Please send me your contact info via PM!

Anyone else want to join?

sushi+beers+babbling= who knows?

Hello Jack, I tried sending a PM but there is something wrong with the platform and my messages are left in the “outbox”… :confused:

Please send me an email so we can arrange something this weekend. (you’ll find it on my web)