I have a design for a toilet I have made a rough model of in modelling clay. Can anyone tell me how to find an appropriate industrial designer to take this toward production? I guess I need a sanitaryware designer? I haven’t been able to find such people. How do I make this happen?
Thanks for any help.

Look for a firm in your city. is the best professional resource.

What are you looking for from an Industrial Designer?

  1. Someone to refine your design aesthetically and ergonomically
  2. Render or model your concept for presentation purposes
  3. Develop manufacturable documentation (ie. CAD)?

If you JUST need proper documentation of your design (ie. #3), you technically only need a Mechanical Engineer–but a good “New Product Development” firm will offer you both ID and ME.

Thank you for response… Now I have another question:
In talking to these designers and engineers I am now paranoid that my idea will be stolen. Is this a valid concern, and should I be thinking of confidentiality agreements, etc. Thank you.

Industrial Designers won’t steal your ideas–they create dozens every day. Ideas are cheap… Implementation is hard (and expensive.)

NDA’s are fairly common in the biz though… I’d recommend using one.