Toe-box / Vamp shape

Hi all,

We’re having a problem with retaining the shape of the toe-box / vamp in our shoes in production. Our samples all come with the toe fully stuffed with paper, giving it the nice rounded shape, but we cant do this in production because the customer doesnt want wadded up paper left all over their floors…

Any suggestions as to how to keep a decent toe shape?

Cardboard shapers instead of paper stuffing. Similar mashed up paper egg box type construction things or flat card folded and curved to make shape.

ive never heard of shoes shipping without some sort of stuffing.

the cardboard pulp stuffers can work. ive used them before. they do add more cost though to the price of the shoe.

if the problem is that the fty is using too many small peices of paper, you can spec them to use just full sheets to make one large ball, that is easier to take in/out.

as well, you may want to check the lasting process and construction of the shoe. it could be an issue of incorrect lasting pressure, not enough steaming to soften the upper before lasting, or an inferior spec of toebox reinforcement, chemsheet or otherwise. depending on the type of shoe and upper materials, there are also additional reinforcements you can use to help keep the shape (nylon, canvas, PU or other).


awesome, thanks guys.
i will take that info with me to the factory.

no prob. anytime. hope you get the issue sorted out.