todays core blog page

i like the glider, saw it a few years ago and its a fraction the price of the over the top segway, stores in your cube or by your barstool…segway, product of becoming in love with inapproiate technology.

cross discipline, the only way to go in my book lets give a thumbs up to colombia.

I did some work for cannondale back in the day, nice folks and they need to do something in the stagnet bike industry…dont know if this is it though. The single blade fork is a gimmick, only good for track bikes where drag is important, other than that ist a y fram mtb with internal drive…

nice to see the evo on the wii controller…see simple is better in any language…even zippytalk.

" ABriefMessage" ok, nice but they pick the speakers, same old yammering.

laser “tag” wheeeee better hope he dont get loaded at a party and start playing with that bad boy, some fools just should not be allowed to play with tech.

Tool bying tip, go to pawn shops and yard sales, lots of good tools on the cheap.