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Ok lets start, “chair made of recycled material” hardly new or newsworthy oh yea ITS OLD GAME CARTRIDGES,give me a break.

Recycled scooter parts, pretty cool but that stuff never “ends up on a scrap
heap” that stuff is sold for much $$ to the restoration folks. I am reminded of some guys that made some way cool funiture out of salvaged airplane parts…think the went busto though.

Woodie wheel, I call bullshit as the bark wouldnt last 50 feet of travel, fun picture though.

Rocking chair concept, well first its a concept (ball one down 3rd base line) second where is the power supply for the light (battery powerd led perhaps) (foul ball down the first base line). No lumbar support, your butts going to slide right out of that mother when you tilt back (strike 1). Where are the armrests, ever tryied to rock in a chair with out them, much less try to read a book? (strike 2) Well the sucker is HUGE, better have a hell of a big room for it as by my eye its about 4’ from front to back (strike 3 the batter is retired).

Paulins stuff, hey i like it and its REAL not some “concept”, the fabric welll thats a jump ball nuff said.

Concept car flick, good stuff nice to show the nitty gritty of making things real, however the design of the vechile show is just down right butt ugly (there is a market for butt ugly though).

Technically, that’s 5 strikes. Foul balls count as strikes, unless they’re the 3rd strike. But this is a discussion about design, not baseball :wink:

damn, ok so my attempt at being creative got ko’d by reality…egg on face :laughing:

you seem to be getting grumpier by the week. come on, really, these are blog posts that are for the most part just interesting stuff to browse, not held up as the b all and end all in design.

easy to sit back and throw the tomatoes from the balcony.

i’d suggest instead posting some of your own examples of what you find interesting, neat, new than just knocking other stuff out there.


I cant post to the blog page only a select few and IMO they are sitting at the switch twiddling their thumbs. I am not thowing tomatos, but providing counterpoint to the oft vapid “commentary” that the poster writes. Think about it a sec, on the banner page a list of “intresting stuff” on the premier design site and its often gunk. You give me the right to post out front, you betcha I will dig around and find some good provocitve stuff that should be out there.

i agree that the core bog posts are mostly fluff, but look at it as more infotainment that substance i suppose. there are plenty of sites that are a lot more educational, provocative, intellectual. i like my core to browse through eye candy and whatnot :slight_smile:

you should look into starting a blog. check out pretty simple to set up. who knows, maybe “zippy’s design blog” could be the next core?

also suggest maybe sending a PM or mail to core admin. sure they would be interested if you wanted to be a contributor. i’d welcome the variety and substance.


You can always suggest posts to the Core blog. I’ve done that a couple of times.

I thought the same thing as you Zippy. Then I started my own blog. I think I have made five entries in a year. I think if I HAD to post daily, I’d post a lot of crap.

Although: today they have that nifty 3D screen/light emitter/whatchamacallit. Wow, that’s 1. cool and 2. relevant. I’m sure we’ll be using those in a few years. With some of my clients complete inability to understand 3D, it can’t come too soon!

well if you, yo and IP put in a good word for me with the powers that be, they might listen. I am not a big fan of blogs, call it old fashioned (surpirse) but to me so many of them are just self serving nattering of nincompoops…sides where is the money in it? :unamused:

If you would like to host your own blog, I recommend Wordpress -

They have a free option as well -

yup thats a winner, buttttttttttttt with rapid prototyping and all its a near run thing. I love touching stuff, feeling the heft and all so mockups and prototos are still it for me.

yep, no money, little fame, and a b*tch to keep up on a regular basis.


I resemble that remark!

Zippyflounder wrote:

yup thats a winner, buttttttttttttt with rapid prototyping and all its a near run thing. I love touching stuff, feeling the heft and all so mockups and prototos are still it for me.

I love physical manipulation too, but when you consider that there are already 3D interfaces with good feedback, this 3D screen might be the last piece in the puzzle of having a virtual model that feels physical. I can imagine having a 3D connexion in my left hand, 3D pen interface thing (I can’t remember the name) in my right hand and all the time working on a truly 3D shaded model in front of me.

love zippy’s remarks.

too many years in furniture does that do you.

Yup, for lots that would be the da thing, for me though I need the process of wacking, carving, chewing, scooping and that there stuff.

Weeeeeeel it looks like my construtive thoughts didnt make it on the rocking chair…here are the ones that did…

should come with a 6 point harness for those extreme rocking sessions! I love the light above, the “war of the worlds” antennae needed a good reason d’etre! A sister (or mother) product would be a nursing chair, they have glider-rockers which are not quite sci-fi enough.

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Now i need to get myself one of those. But there’s no head rest, so i’d probably just have it to look at.

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nice Betsy Ross reference

mmmmmmmmmmm ok, guess their reality bones are broken or in a cast… :unamused: