today ,i went to make id card photo.the surrounding is so dull.white wall and blue words ,everything look like a hospital.
i think it should be reform.

Yes, you should restart a democratic revolution in China.

my mum told me that i can do nothing about it.everything is stipulated by goverment.

white wall blue words,that’s sounds not good.Looks like hospital?so funny…
dudu~~change the color, you know in there use blue is not suitable

mybe you can make a colorful blue . for example make some land to adjust hue or sturation in blue and overlay them . that can have a planty color. then they also in blue land. possibly let the words jumpiness.that would look very vivacity! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh !Baby,I have changed my I.D card for one year .I agree with your point.I think it’s so …formal.
Before I went to take the photo for I.D card ,they called me that I shoud take the coat which had the neckband taht day,and I can not take the shallow color of the coat.In addtion,I can not smile when they take the photo for me ,I couldn’t understand.I think it’s Formalistic.
Though I also don’t like the sorrounding like that ,I can not say anything.bacause we are chinese,we should obey and respect the government. :wink:

:laughing: :laughing: My ID card is Sillier than you,but,I am also using the old.The police office have already urged me to make the photo…
I wish my photo will be nice

u should realize that few people will have a nice id photo
even though u r a beauty, they also have the ablility to make your picture worse

you have no chance to survive make your time