Tobias Alvbäck CV/Portfolio - Is my approach a good one?

I’m using this site as an ice breaker before mailing a company or if someone asks me if I can send something I’ve worked on. Most of my renderings will be revised since I’ve upped my game a bit during this past semester, but the rest will be as is.
I’m trying to convey my ability to be dynamic not necessarily fixed to a certain position at an agency, or just show what I’m capable of if any specific skill is needed.


All feedback is welcome, everything form site design, texts, renderings etc.

Thank you!


I think your site looks awesome! Great work.

One thing I would recommend to work on is how you can graphically show what new ideas and problem solving skills you used to come up with these designs. I love what I see, but how much meat is there? You don’t have to solve the world’s problem, but I’m sure there is something that I’m missing and I don’t want to miss it. (Specifically the palm sander and screwdriver) Are these advances ergonomics? aesthetics?

Best of luck,

Wow you’re right, I don’t really present the process as detailed as I could and maybe that leaves important points in the dark.
Great feedback, thanks!