Tobi Wong Lawsuit


I have done some research recently about some companies, among them KKM with co-founder Raymond Koh who had a company in NYC called Conduit Group.
I am working on an essay.

During my research I found an unsettling article (Inspiring Dreams | #1 Sleep Resource & Sleep Product Reviews) about 3 designers, among them Tobi Wong, who sued him and his company Conduit, because he didn’t pay them for their royalties for their designs and products that he distributed to MOSS, the MoMA Store ect.

Does anybody know how that dispute ended? Is it true?
It would mean a great deal if somebody could shed some light on this.


ps. It is interesting though what Constantin Boym had to say about not paying for proper licensing:

“It is unethical, annoying, frustrating, depressing, and a scourge of our profession,” Boym says, “but to present Conduit as the only black sheep is unfair.”

So, he did it but just because everybody else is doing it, it’s ok?!?

It is frustrating to see that people dazzle and then exploit young design talent this way with the defense “I supported them from day one”.
And then Boym has the nerve to call it common practice and apparently be okay with it.

Thank god Wong got big enough to take two designers with him, actually pull a lawsuit of and get some media behind the thing.
What is great about it is that Koh must have underestimated the designers he hosed. That they would never get pissed of enough, rich enough or care enough to go out and sue him.

So Boym got paid? Surprise surprise, so Koh is only screwing the newcomers…

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”!

…by the way, he is still teaching Product Design at Parsons…