Toaster for the Treehouse - a toy blog


I was recently nudged toward Core77 as a place to post the link to this new blog I’ve started about toys:

I’m currently a second year grad student at NYU’s ITP (the Alice in Wonderland of grad programs) and I’m sort of a toy addict. My goal with the blog is simply to keep an ongoing dialogue with the world about the current state of toys, ideas about the future of toys, pointing at great designers, and other substantive-information-sharing as I go.

Along with posting here, I’m also pretty excited to see several sites/blogs that are new to me, and I will for sure be linking to you all and possibly contacting you individually in hopes to feature you in an entry on my site.

Thanks very much for any feedback you might have now or down the road.

Scott Wayne Indiana

Cool blog, booked marked for future reading!

Hey Scott, glad you took me up on the suggestion to join up. Welcome! Hopefully some good info/people on here for you.

Great blog - thanks for the post!