TO YO!!!

im currently attending AIPH, art institute of Philadelphia, studyind Industrial Design Technology, i was on your website and read that you taught at The Portland location, is that correct? I was wondering what you thought about their program? and if they had internship connections with Nike, being so close and all…i want to someday work for them and i respect your talent and opinion greatly. so i just wanted to know if it was worth transfering to that art institute?

I have not taught there in awhile since my travel schedule has gotten so erratic (This month I’ve been in San Fran, Boston, Puerto Rico, and LA… can’t teach and keep that up!)

I really enjoyed teaching there, but unfortunately the totally open enrollment I think keeps the quality down. On average I failed about 35% of my students…

PSU is starting an ID program and I think there will be more of a Nike relationship there. Right now we are heavily working with Art Center and CCS and we have recruited quit a bit from UC and plan to from CIA.


… and thanks for the compliments!

oh no problem…i appreciate the advice. i wish i had of done more research when it came to choosing a school. Im only in my 4th quarter at AIPH and havent created much of a portfolio yet…what advice do you have on appyling to the art center? if any…i know how competitive it is

PSU = Penn State?

Don’t know what I was typing, PSU referred to Portland State, but I think it is actually U of O

If you’re looking to head out west- you might want to look into UWash, they had some momentum a few years back from their ID program it seemed. Not sure if San Jose state still has a program, but I know there’s an Art College in San Fran too- Both quick jumps to/from Portland.

Good luck!

Yo- WOW, 35%???- take it easy on the kids with no talent would ya, even I got a D-!

I think MORE professors should fail 35% or more of their students, there’s a ton of people out there with ID degrees that shouldn’t have made it passed their second year.

It’s U of O – they’re planning on starting a Product Design program as part of their expansion of the Portland campus. That’s ultimately what all the renovation of the old White Stag building on Naito Parkway is for. Limited info here:

No word yet on what they’re going to do with the “Made in Oregon” neon sign on top.

“I think MORE professors should fail 35% or more of their students, there’s a ton of people out there with ID degrees that shouldn’t have made it passed their second year.”

I had a professor once who said, "If we really failed everyone we should, and only admitted qualified people, your tuition would be 10 times higher, so F-in deal with it.

Since this took a different turn than I meant for it to, I want to reinforce that design is about communication, problem solving, and perception.

The ability or skill of drawing is a tool to express ideation, and therefore communication. While drawing can be (and is) important, it is nothing next to expression of ideas. I’ll take 50 napkins with scribble lines over a couple great renderings, as long as it leads me to where I want to be.

In the end, talent and hard work win out. Some people have one or the other, and even fewer have both. I always prefer to offer help to those who seek it- even the awful ones (which included me not too long ago).

But in a drawing class, one has to perform too. I’m sure most of those 35% didn’t put in their share, extra share, or commit to even trying. Of all the things I challenged my professors with- it wasn’t my work ethic. Still trying to get those proportions right too!

I am not so quick to terminate the aspirations of other people, nor judge on their credibility from a degree (I have 3 of them). Time can do that on it’s own.