To Thesis or not to Thesis

I am currently pursuing a graduate degree. I have started research on my thesis topic but have been recently been wondering if they offer a non-thesis option why would I not do that, since I do not plan on entering the field that my thesis topic is in. What benefits does a thesis provide me, if any? In the design world does it really make a difference wether I write one or not? I am not being lazy I just want to review my options, any advice?[/b]

Hey bcurtis-

I gotta ask-why aren’t you making your thesis relevent to the field that you are entering? If it’s not relevent to you then there is no value in it (to you or anyone else).

What program are you in?

That is the thing I am not completely sure what specific field I am going to be entering. My thesis topic is a general interest of mine.

I am at Auburn University

you ARE being lazy. Do what your told. You can’t say your thesis project isn’t what you are doing for you career since you don’t know what your career is gonna be. Do your assignment and do it well. Atleast it will show your strengths and thought process, ya bum.
I am pretty sure your professors won’t think to highly of you if you are trying to back out of work; so if you do that, im sure your burning any chances of recommendations. Think clearly.