to script or not to script...?

When testing a UI design is it best to go with a scripted approach, giving the user specific tests. Or just to let them use the UI as they would do in their normal use of the product.

I’m no expert, but from what I’ve learned I’d say:

Depends on what your testing, and how complete the system is.
It also depends on what type of Interaction it is. Testing a website, and testing a knowledge domain based product (i.e. medical equipment, etc.) should be approached differently.

For me it has been useful to have task based questions: “If you wanted to do (blank), how would you go about it?”, "If you wanted to see/ get info about (blank) what would you do to find it?, etc.

I’m no usability testing pro, but as long as you don’t give leading questions, most questions you think are relevant should be asked, and you’ll get useful information back.

Check out Steve Krug’s website for some useful info (on the right are some user testing chapters).

If I know more about what it is you’re testing I might be able to think of some other suggestions.

Good luck!

fair enough, makes sense really. I think we are going to a bit of both, first let the use it how they would do then give them a couple of tasks to follow.

Yeah I’ve read dont make me think… great book

I can’t really say to much on the detail on what I testing, I’ll drop a post on here when it goes beta/live

Sounds good. Hit me up if you have anymore questions or good usability/IxD info.