to go to grad school, is the question...

What are the real benefits of grad school if you don’t want to teach? It seems like its just an extension to a bachelors: just more studio time to do more projects or research. Do you really LEARN anything totally new? How much more would employers pay a grad student than a bachelors? What about a bahelors with a few years experience?

what about a grad degree in a completely different subject than your undergrad degree?

what a concept

yes actually you anticipated my next question. Im thinking of an MBA in marketing. but would this shift my position within a would-be job? would i be moved to marketing instead of design? or would it add to a design-manager or something like that?

It’s good to be a marketing manager with a graphic design background or a graphic designer with marketing knowledge. That’s a plus in the workforce. You can run with your own projects in many cases… if you want to work for a company’s in-house design or marketing departments that would be an asset for a hiring company.