to go or not to go, 24k to 18k to get into a design role ???

Hi I am working as a “PROJECT ENGINEER” for a mechanical contractor at the moment. All I can see me doing for the next couple of years is CAD and buying stuff , no design etc for which I wnet to college. I am getting €24k a year. The job I have applied for is a design engineer and project manager for a small firm.the position after the training is head designer and project manager. They make all sorts of equipment and jigs for industry one offs and modding existing equipment. This would be a step in the right direction for me as I want to get in to design. the thing is they only want to pay me €18K for the 6 month training trial period should I gamble and take it??? ( things to note: I am hoping to buy a House, I am 23; I am hoping to go into industrial design or product design)

Advice and past experiences welcome :smiley: :smiley: :exclamation:

It sounds like the position you applied for will afford you the opportunity to have your hands on many projects, and learn many things. Small companies are good for experience like this. While it may mean taking a pay cut now, the skills you learn could help you land the job of your dreams later.

Granted, we all need to keep food on the table and a roof over our heads, but if You feel that you could live off the 18k for 2-3 years, I say go for it. You’ve got a bigger paycheck at the job you have now. A cushy paycheck is nice, but not if the job doesn’t give you skills to grow… and especially if you don’t like the job!

money is not the reason why designers go into design. I think if you feel compelled to get into design, take the cut now, you will eventually earn more money as you progress your career-


I can agree. If the job is not mentally fulfilling don’t stay unless there is some realistic benefit. I’m learning this lesson too. Try to get out while you are still young. If you wait until you are 30 forget it.

Most companies want younger designers with a lot of experience. Someone once told me to have your dream in your mind and it will be easier for it to come true. You have to be able to see your vision in order for it to happen.

Best advice, don’t buy a house. Get an apartment less risk of foreclosure. Buy a good used car, not a flashy new car lease. Lease is not good. Save as much as possible, date occasionally (steady girlfriend or boyfriend is better) they are cheaper in the long run. Keep updating your portfolio for the big win.

Hope this helps.

Think of it this way. You have the chance to start your career. Say you dont take the job, 5 years from now you are going to say to yourself “what the hell am i doing and why did i go to college? I could have started my career in ID but I didnt do it becuase of a measly 5 grand. Now I hate my life and kick myself in the balls every morning when I wake up”

Either way tell them you make 24 now and you have a family, how bout settling in the middle at 21.