to get into apple, what does one need

exactly, i agree with you guest. i am sure apple shall be having ‘whiteness monotony’ in mind somewhere. As long as Design for experience is their focus i guess they’ll continue to innovate. Right now, the so called fixity on white,rectangular in their design must be a part of a startegic roadmap off their marketing team but I dont think they’ll stick to it for ever. It’ll be interesting to see if they break it.How they do it will carry the juice!

More intersting would be if they get into mobile phones market (just a wild guess). But whether one hates or admires Apple one thing is sure. EIther one hates or loves apple,thier is no middle space in which the guy says “what so gr8 abt it, it is just another computer system on the shelf”. secondly, this is one company that keeps the world waiting for what they have on the racks,next in line.

Okay what kinda mobile phones do u expect them to come up with???

jobs will leave apple when gates leaves ms

easy to use, no frills…I hate my cellphone, too many menu’s buttons etc…I have no need for them at all!

I would expect to have just 13 buttons…1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0, call, hang up, menu

and in the menu all I want is a list of phone numbers.
no freakin’ crappy games, no camera, no music player, no organizer, no groups (I have no idea what is on my phone and I refuse to read a 200 page manual to find out…I shouldn’t have to)no setup, no profiles…all such crap

If someone designed a phone like that…sleek looking, minimal fuss…it would sell millions.

The question is whether Jobs is a “time teller” or “clock builder.” Jim Collins proved in “Built to Last” research that organizations need “clock builders” to survive beyond them.

My biggest problem with Jobs is that he has become the brand, so obviously the brand will suffer with his departure.

…Maybe Apple will do to Jobs what KFC did to Col. Sanders and make him a cartoon mascot! May explain why he’s been maintaining such a consistant wardrobe…