to find a job in the world: USA, Australia, Canada


i m seeking a job in the world: USA, Australia, Canada. but i would like to know if i may work in the USA because of my deafness. i worked in richmond VA on 2001 during 3 months.

Pleasure to give me informations about how.


i forgot to say u i come from Paris, France. I was student graphic art in Creapole in Paris

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As for your question.
I would guess that your ability to work in the US, Canada, or Australia will depend on a) obtaining the required visa, and b) the quality of your work.

It can be challenging obtaining work visas- I would suggest you visit the immigration websites of the countries you would like to work in.
Good luck.

thanks, i know about visa. but my question is to know if can i work in the adverstising in USA and i m deaf.

Sure you can work here in the States even if you’re deaf. Again… it’s the quality of your work that companies will be looking at… not the fact if you can hear or sign…
That shouldn’t even be a question really… if you’re skilled and you can adapt… you’ll be fine.

Good luck…

thanks too much… :smiley: you are very nice to answer me. my mother say me, maybe, i ll work in clairns company in NYC. thanks too much

take care

you shouldn’t worry about your deafness, i am blind in one eye and i can still out sketch the majority. don’t let a disability disable you, use it to give you energy to work harder and for that matter play harder. life is not all work.

I’m colourblind and Ive still got nothing holding me back. Yeah, so I’m in the UK not th US but hey, were there bitch now, so its almost the same!

Australia has equal oppurtunity in employment also.
I don’t know how easy it is to get a working visa however.
Good luck