To be a teacher of design or Go out of the school?

I am in great pain! So I am looking for advice here. Hope you can give me some advice!

I have been teaching industrial design for half a year. Actually, I am a quite young teacher. With a master degree, I find this job and at the same time refusing to work in Philipps.

I feel in great pain 'cause I find myself no improvement in design. After finishing a funny product design project, I really going to be mad.

My school is not bad, famous in our country. Salary is not good. Just so so.
But the city is old.

I don’t know whether I should go on teaching and preparing for lecturer position or just go out of school, maybe another MA outside my country, or PHD? Or just find a good enterprise to work in.

I just wanna make improvement in design. And I hate to live with my family every day. We think different. They always want me to have a steady work, marry a nice guy…

That’s not what I want!
I wanna do something in design!

life’s too short. do what you want. not whats expected of you.

But everyone should be reponsible to their family, society, country…

Too much limitation!

there’s a difference between being responsible and being controlled. freedom of choice does not remove responsibility.

whatever you decide good luck.

You have two good choices:

  1. PhD: it’s always good. You can keep your job as instructure, and by time you can become full-time professor. What do you want better? You’d have an office, a nice salary, and a PROJECt where you put all your creativity inside!

  2. Find a new job in private sector: you could have many alternatives, but in private sector you have to be more productive than creative. There are rules you have to follow. If you are psychologically ready to face the real life, so go for it and jump. If the answer is no or not sure, you still have option 1.

Good Luck.

N.B. : It’s always painful when you want to have a career and take care of the family… but unfortunately in one day you have to choose what is best for YOU, and here it’s fortunate.

I feel better now.