To any and all Design Academy Eindhoven students

I’d like to come visit your school!
I’m a design student here in Providence, Rhode Island, but I will be abroad in January and I’m planning on making a stop in Eindhoven. I was hoping I could stop by your school and check it out, see what everyone is up to. Anyone have any suggestions on how to go about doing that? Somebody specific to contact? I checked out the website, there was some info on tours that happened every once in awhile, unfortunately not while I’ll be there…I dont think. I dont even know if your classes will be in session or not. Ill be in the Netherlands from Jan. 13 thru the 19th.
Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much!

I would suggest calling first and asking when is the best time to arrive, in order not to interfere. You can find the contact info on the website.

In anycase if you arrive last minute, you can go to the students coordinator or someone else on that floor and be polite and ask if you can stroll around.
I have been there and just walked around and saw all the floors. If you want a more “guided” tour, I would really suggest calling ahead.