to all landscape architects

hi, guys i have just discovered this discussion group and i guess this would be the right place to ask this question as many of you might be able to give me some feedback.

i am not a designer but am really interested in pursuing a career in landscape architecture as i have a great passion for designing spaces. i come from a management line and have had a good career in it for 10 yeras.

at this point in my life i cannot venture into a new line unless i am sure that the field has a good scope to grow.

could any one of you please let me know if landscape architecture is an upcoming area in canada. does the line have a good career scope. what is a good college to go for?

your feedback can really help me make a decission i have been waiting to make.

First of all how, much of a pay cut is your passion worth?

Although its been awhile, I recall that L.A.'s had somewhat better opportunity’s than Arch’s. (better than graphics - not as good as ID)
For a degree, many Arch schools will offer Landscape as well - I don’t think it’s ever offered in design schools…