Does anyone have a TN-1 Visa working in the US as an IDer who’s thinking of applying for a H1-B Visa? if so what category of H1 Visa should one apply for? H1B visas are categorized as H1-B1, H1-B2, etc…

i do not know what a TN visa is, but in terms of H visas, your emplyer will need to file a petition for an H1B1 visa. you will find more info on

i recall something about restrictions on TN-1 holders not being able to “switch” to an H1-B1 status…

i may be totally wrong…best bet is to engage an immigration attorney’s services…

Well, if you decided to work long-term, Change your TN visa and apply for H1B. H1B visas lasts for 3 years and can only renew for another 3 years. If you also decide to stay longer than 6 years total, you need to apply within the H1B visa for a Green Card before it expires.

I do plan on work for longterm. I plan to keep renewing my TN1 VISA (4yrs max but unlimited times theoretically) and then apply for H1B and renew that. That would total to 10 yrs. That should be enough time to apply for Greencard/Perm Res. I wonder if thats the right way of doing it.

Also i heard its hard to apply for greencard via work. Much easier to do it via marriage. That is, if you find the right person.

What u guys think?

I have a TN visa. My husband (who has an O-1 visa) and I have started the process of getting greencards sponsored my both of our employers.

My advice to you is to ask all your questions to an immigration attorney. Many provide a free consultation. Talk to several, (I have had conflicting advice from a few) do your own research and go with the attorney that seems the most ethical. Every case is different. And it also seems to depend a lot on what qualifications you have, the size of your employer and what country you are coming from.