Tivo-worthy for the Designer

Share your Tivo-worthy design-related shows.

Here’s a few I’ve found worthy…

Directly related to ID:
iDesign, Fine Living Network (Perhaps the best show for ID.)
John Ratzenberger’s Made in America, Travel Channel (factory tours)
How It’s Made, Discovery Channel (factory tours, low-budget)
Made in the USA, USA (The reality show w/Karim)

Indirectly related to ID:
Beyond Tomorrow, Science Channel (the new version of ‘Beyond 2000’)
Mythbusters, Discovery Channel (fun design challenges)
Modern Marvels, The History Channel
The Apprentice, NBC (groups are frequently tasked with putting products to market)
Monster Garage, Discovery
Pimp my Ride, MTV

LOL pimp my ride… i think it is directly related to ID since it’s about what NOT to do to a car.