Title Change

Okay so here is the back story, Our CEO is bringing in a director of innovation (would report to the VP of engineering who i report to)whose role will be to do upfront research into various "innovative " areas that could potentially be applied to our clients products or turn into products that would come into the design and development team that i lead.

Both of my VP’s (Business development and Engineering) pulled me aside because they wanted to give me a heads up and to ensure that i would be fine with it and not upset. (very nice of them to care about my feelings i guess) I told them that i was perfectly fine with it and that from a business stand point it makes sense due to the lack of band width we currently have it only makes sense to pull in additional resources. I also stated the the new person and i would probably work very closely together, to which they bot agree.

Okay here is my question, later that afternoon my VP came back to me and said I spoke with the CEO and we agreed we are going to give you the title of Director of Design and Development vs Manager… My role stays the same, no raise as of yet due to poor business performance which will hopefully turn around 3rd 4th quarter… At one point titles meant a lot to me, now it’s more about the work i do. Should I take the title change as it could help open doors if i ever move on…

Why would you not take it?

They’re offering you the ability to stay on par with the new hire, so that the new person is lateral to you, not above you. It would be foolish not to take the title. Doesn’t sound like additional salary is due but the higher title provides more room for your role (and salary) to grow over time.


Yea i agree, it seems like it’s a great bump (it’d be nice if the pay bumped too, but hey). Congrats!