Titanium casting service

Hello all,

I’m a jewelry designer, but I hope someone would have recommendations here…I’m looking for foundries that cast titanium, and the few places catered to the jewelry industry, and that used to (even up until last year) operate in the US are no longer in business.

Either US or overseas companies are fine, as long as they’re open to taking small quantities or even one-offs…

Any help or advice in sourcing would be much appreciated,

I just did a search for ‘cast titanium’ in google and got a boat load. Maybe your looking for personal experiences?

I googled too, and also searched through thomasnet. I’ll look at those places again, but from what I’ve seen, a lot of the companies only sell titanium components or materials (tubing, bars) that are cast, don’t think they take custom orders…

You could try posting an RFQ on mfg.com. Most of the suppliers on there are machine shops, but you might find someone.

Also, I found these guys via Google:


Specifically mentions jewelry, although they also seem kind of fictional. Strange website.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I shall try mfg.com.

Yeah tinomics…I contacted them cos they were very aggressive in selling to the jewelry industry in the last few years. No response after I sent the specs over and after some pressing, they said they’ve been bought up and are moving. It’ll take 6-8 weeks to get permits for the new facility, so production is halted and that’s why their sales rep hasn’t worked up an estimate for me, since the job can’t be done anyway. Do you believe that? Sounds fishy to me…