'Tis the Season ... to get ripped off!

Saturday night some low life, scum sucking, douche bag made their way down our street, breaking into some, and entering unlocked vehicles on both sides of the street. And s/he was a bold SOB at that; it is a wide, well lit street, with a lot of open space between vehicles. Not one vehicle was missed, the doors were all left ajar.

Fortunately, my truck was unlocked (nothing was damaged trying to get in to it) and had nothing in it of value (and never does). The neighbors were not so fortunate; their car was locked and received damage during the break-in. What was in the car was another story. They had just signed the papers on the re-finance of their house and had left the documents in the back seat of the car in a brief case, which was taken. Inside the brief case; a cellphone, and iPod, bank account numbers and balances (both personal and business), credit card account(s) statements, social security numbers, cell phone account numbers (3), business checkbook, two credit cards, and the addresses and financial documentation, of two other properties that they own. By 10 a.m. Sunday morning over two hundred dollars had been charged onto their American Express account; including $30 in iTune downloads, and clothing store purchases. And just to rub salt into the wound, the side of the car (Audi TT) was “keyed”. My wife works for AAA and sold them their auto insurance; they have a $1000 deductible on the Audi.

It was unwise to leave that kind of material in a vehicle, but eventually a lapse of memory gets us all, but usually not with these ramifications; change ALL bank account numbers (both personal and business), credit card account numbers, new cell phone numbers, purchase new checking account material, notified Social Security about the compromise and have their SS account flagged every time it is referenced, change all the locks on three structures, and miscellaneous other expenses and inconveniences associated with all this. Oh yeah, and have the Audi repainted.

But it turns out it wasn’t just “our” street. The investigating police officer told us that they had a dozen more calls to respond to after the one on our street. Someone had a busy night while we all slept snug in our beds … and it wasn’t the Jolly Old Elf.

So just a reminder; 'tis the season to need money, and there are a lot of folks who are down on their luck this year who will resort to extreme measures to get it.

Protect yourselves and your families.

Happy Holidays!

blame consumerism and greed, or the econ. $1000 deductible on any thing is super high, I think mine is like $250 and my car is not new.

That sucks! Thanks for a reminder to be vigilant.

A roommates car was broken in to and gifts stolen few years back. He was parked in a major mall parking lot.

I heard on NPR that shoplifting was up but investigators were saying that the items stolen were not things folks ‘need’ to live, but what they wanted but could not afford (any more).