Hi Core77,

I’m new to the site, I just recently got into the first tier of the ID program at Western Washington University and I was wondering if some of you would be willing to give me some tips on sketching in the ID style. I’ve drawn since I was little, but this is like relearning how to draw in a way. What I’m really struggling with is curved objects, but from what I’ve read that comes with time and practice. However, if there is anything that can help me technique wise, that would be great to know.

Thanks for your time,

Trevan Strean

One practice method you might try is finding some images of existing ID sketches in the style you like…
Copy the image files into Illustrator or similar and then set the transparency to 15%.
Print these out and re-sketch the lines right on top of the original drawings paying attention to the stroke and fluidity.
The idea is to build confidence in your line-work and movements.
By sketching over something that has already been designed you don’t have the added pressure of also designing an object.

Quick tip for practicing curves.

get a massive peice of newsprint paper and draw big circles and improve your accuracy on those circles use your arm try straight lines across the page too let your shoulder and the pen become intuitive to your being as hit the most perfect bubbly circle anyone has ever seen. BE THE CIRCLE

another technique: draw a random line on the paper and try to turn it into a realistic product or something from life off the top of your head

another advanced technique: if your drawing curved forms that seem too complicated to make out draw straight lines off the outermost point of that curve and the end points of every curve and put every line into perspective.s helps with learning to visualize what your drawing from the inside out and potentially create new shapes in the process too on accident.

another technique: probably the most simple and yet overlooked technique draw what inspires you, if ever your feeling bored of drawing or lazy this is my go to technique for breaking free from it all.